“Hi Claris! Long time no see, How have you been?~”

"Um, I’m doing alright… as for Elvis, well, I don’t have the slightest clue if he’s doing alright or not."

bazyl-ghs replied to your post: Cake or Pie?

Bazyl; psst.. psst.. go for pumpkin pie.

Claris: Hm? -spots Bazyl and laughs- I’d like both though, ya’know to share if anyone would like some. Besides, it felt like it’s been forever since I’ve eaten that cake…

Anon asked: Is the scarf you’re wearing right now the only one you can use for arms or can you use other scarves?

"Good question, Anon! I own a variety of scarves and all of them can be used for arms~ Actually, I think I’m able to use any kind of fabric for arms really… but I prefer scarves for they can stretch a long ways." she chimed, wiggling an arm as she grinned.

bazyl-ghs replied to your photo: Claris sighs as she takes the little sketch in her…

Bazyl; your like *sniff* such an awsome friend you know? Markabii; <3<3<3 [ooc; sorry i havn’t done anything latley *hugs* an you drew them superfantabulously]

Claris: I’m glad you consider me as such~ /grins/ Truthfully, I was worried that something may have happened to the both of you. I’m just relieved you both are doing alright. On that note, what have the two of you been doing since we last chatted? /quickly scribbles something on a note card and shows it to Markabii/ <3~

((It’s all good Bazyl-mun~ :D I’m just glad to hear from ya. /hugs/))





“And dont be embarrassed if you cant, I can teach you~” 

"Hopefully I won’t have two left feet… "

/Claris and Elvis wander about the garden/

((BOOM! Claris in a dress and Elvis wearing a colorful bowtie, sorry for the overly simple look… /hides under rock/))

askonetoomany replied to your post: ✄: “PPPpssssst hey Claris…. wanna go to that tumblr prom thing?” ((I DIDNT SEE YOU REBLOGED THAT THING TILL NOW ASDFG WOOPS ))

✄: “ehe of course” he chuckled softly.

"Also… I’ve never been to a prom before. So I’m sort of stumped of what I should wear to it. I almost thought about wearing something different than those prom dresses… uh, what was it called? Oh right, a lolita dress!" she chimed, looking sort of embarrassed. "But I guess that’s not proper attire to a prom, isn’t it?"